WWWOOF… We Will Work for Food

written by Shay October 19, 2017

Do you want to eat beautifully grown fresh produce, meet enthusiastic new people, travel Australia and have a warm bed to snuggle into at night –  in exchange for working four to six hours a day? Best you read on then…..

We know it can’t be cheap to take six months off work and travel around the country, trust us when we say we definitely had these thoughts. For us, the journey was always about wanting to learn while travelling – more about ourselves, more about growing, more about how others live life, and more about how to be open to new experiences.

Working out how to do this started with a lot of research. We started with the usual 21st century research technique – we googled the sh#% out of it. The term ‘WWOOFERS’ kept coming up, and having no idea what it was we dug a little deeper and found gold at the end of the google rainbow.


It stands for ‘Willing Workers On Organic Farms’, so there’s one tick from us – we wanted to learn how to grow food that uses a sustainable growing model and no nasties. Basically you volunteer on farms with whatever skills the host is after in exchange for your keep – so food and accommodation. Plus you get to see parts of Australia you may never have thought to, leaving the tourist trail behind and discovering hidden gems.

On our journey around Australia we’ll visit WWOOF hosts in different states to experience things that inspire us and bring lots of laughter. We’ll share what we learn along the way so you guys can try some of their ideas at home: a worm farm with your kids, a chicken shed, delicious recipes and I’m sure the list will go on. We can’t wait to show you! Make sure you keep up with our travels so you don’t miss a second of the action.

Shay x

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