A Word on the Buzzy Bee

written by The Gathering Folk October 30, 2017

If you told us a year ago we would be tackling a beekeeping course we probably would have said ‘why the heck would we do that?’. Well, because apparently these little guys keep the world going round, in a sense, and they are being threatened. Seven stingers into Dean’s hand and one caught in my hair later, we managed to tackle our first beekeeping lesson in St Albans.

A bit about why bees are important: Over the last decade our little black and yellow friends have faced rising stresses that cause whole colonies to die in just weeks. And, in the US, bees have recently been listed on the endangered list. The details are intricate but the broad picture is that pesticides and the rising use of chemicals (these include the ones we use everyday at home) are some of the key factors in the decline of our bees.


Why does this matter? These little worker bees help in the pollination process and in turn help to regulate our food supply. So it’s possible that no bees = no food (I’m sure we can create something scientific to step into the place of the natural order but how about we just focus on looking after the system that works, and works well).


Not to mention how yummy HONEY is!


If you are interested in learning more about our buzzy friends head over to the Sydney Permaculture Institute and spend a day enjoying a beekeeping course or one of the other awesome courses they offer.

In case a beekeeping course isn’t your thing, here are some things you can do now to help the bees:

  • Reduce your use of household chemicals (find natural alternatives)
  • Buy food produced without the use of harsh pesticides
  • Become a beekeeper (there are lots of places that allow you to rent a hive on your property and have it maintained, and you get the joy of fresh honey!)   
  • Plant some bee friendly flowers in your garden

Shay x

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