Popping the Road Trip Cherry – St Albans

written by Shay October 19, 2017

The smell of fresh country air was finally within reach. First stop… St Albans.

After a few teething problems we hit the road on a Monday afternoon and made it to St Albans just before dinner. Hema Maps took us along the Great Northern Road – a heritage road and one of the original roads for the early settlers.

We had never met the owners of this property before and, in fact, hadn’t even spoken on the phone, but Carmel and Reiner made us feel welcome as soon as we arrived. Over the week we spent time feeding chickens, chasing cheeky goats away from fruit trees, repairing fences to keep out said goats, building a new chicken house from recycled timber, creating a ‘hot compost’ bin, learning about beekeeping, preparing the garden bed for winter, and building new friendships.

We had showers outside, used a camping toilet for a whole week (an interesting experience with a four year old), had camp fires and enjoyed fresh rainwater. It might sound cliché but we feel like we grew and changed so much in just a week, and certainly saw an exciting change in Evy with her growing ability to create something to do with just a few sticks and some dirt. The way life should be!

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